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Welcome ! Troop meetings are held on Mondays beginning at 6:30pm. in the Media Center of Bridgewater Middle School

Please be advised for the safety of our members some areas of this website can only be accessed by registered members of Troop 320.  Scouting can help nurture courage and kindness and allow boys to play, to laugh, to develop their imaginations and to express their feelings.  We want our scouts to be aware of their own potential. Helping a boy to learn the value of his own worth is the greatest gift we can give him. Our leaders are volunteers who are committed to each boy's success and focus on that goal in every activity we offer. We participate in monthly campouts and events, which are designed to help the boys grow and learn. Be Prepared... to be amazed by Troop 320. Our Troop is open to all boys in middle and high school or a minimum of age 11. If you are looking for an elementary aged group, please visit Pack 320 at scouts320.org.

Camp Card Settlement

Posted by meiler on Mar 29 2015 - 12:53pm

Money from all camp card sales and/or unsold cards due :  APRIL 20

Court of Honor Advancements Due March 30

Posted by adrone on Mar 23 2015 - 9:03am

Court of Honor Advancements are due March 30th.

Website and Upcoming Dates

Posted by adrone on Mar 18 2015 - 5:05pm

Scouts, Parents, Committee Members, and Leaders, as many of you are aware the Troop is always looking for ways to improve efficiencies of the troop, and it make it more convenient for all.    One of the great resources within the Troop is the Troop320fl.com website.  

Website allows the following:

A weekly newsletter to your email address(s): Of upcoming events, pages that have been modified, files that have been changed, and announcements.  If you are not receiving this please send an email to golferdrone@gmail.com

Sync the troop calendar to your personal calendar under the profile is instructions for the different operating systems (Top Left part of the screen)

New Payment System for Fees except food and event registration

Beginning immediately we are rolling out a new procedure to pay for troop fees (except for Food to be purchased by the Grubmaster(s)) .  PayPal and/or scout accounts. 

How to use PayPal:

  1. Login

  2. Select the Event on the Right Hand Side

  3. Attending Yes

  4. Submit

  5. Add to Cart

  6. Add any other events or online payments (multiple events or fees can go in the same cart)

  7. View Cart is located under the user section on the top left

  8. Review the Charges and proceed to the checkout

  9. If you have a PayPal account you can login, you have the other PayPal options on the same screen

  10. Upon completion of the transaction you will receive an email receipt.  The Troop Treasurer also will receive confirmation


    How to use scout account (If your scout has funds in his account)

  1. Login

  2. Select the event on the right

  3. Attending yes

  4. Notes: Scout Account

  5. Submit

  6. Do not add to cart

It not attending an event:


  1.  Login

  2. select the event on the right

  3. regret

  4. no

  5. submit


Online Payments-Non Event Fees:  Dues, T-shirts, Summer Camp, Travel Fees, Add Money to scout accounts

  1. Located under menu on the left

  2. Scroll in the list to the respective name

  3. Change quantity if applies  and/or add to cart

  4. Note: multiple expenses can go inside the same cart including event registrations

  5. View Cart Located top left of website


Note: Food Purchases will continue to be cash with the Grubmaster of the Patrol.  Payments are due the meeting before the event.  If you cannot attend the meeting other arrangements must be used to get these funds to the grubmaster before food shopping.  The grubmaster role is very important to scouts of learning responsibility, budgeting, all under a scout is Thrifty.   

PayPal Features: If you create an account, you can login and see your transactions and have a record, PayPal has the ability to send you a monthly statement of all your activity, and automatic receipts for payments.    These features will allow the leaders to have more time to spend mentoring the scouts. 


Parents and siblings, should all be connected within your login to the website.  If your account is not connected please send an email to golferdrone@gmail.com  for we can correct this.  If you have multiple logins please also send an email to golferdrone@gmail.com for we can correct this as well. 

Scouts should all have a login to the website and be using it, if they have misplaced their login please send an email to golferdrone@gmail.com for it can be reset.   An email is not required for them to have access to the website.

* March 23: No meeting with Spring Break

* March 30th: Scouts 2nd SummerCamp Payment is due:  This can be found under online payments on the troop website

* March 30th: Scouts need to bring $15 in cash for the grubmaster for those attending Wickham-Brevard County.  (This is the last meeting before the campout) *

* April 3rd: Troop Campout to Wickham-Brevard registration and payment can be made following the instructions above (Please take time to register/regret as it helps with planning and coordinating the number of         drivers)

*Court of Honor April 13th: Scouts attending should sign-up on the website to bring an appetizer, entrée, or dessert.  Please leave in the notes what you will be bringing for we can have a variety.


If you have any questions, need help navigating the website, passwords for the website, please send an email to golferdrone@gmail.com or call 321-331-1186, or any of the other leaders.

Signup for a camp card shift at Lowes (Good Homes Rd. and West Colonial Dr.)

Posted by abishop on Mar 14 2015 - 4:20pm


Signup for a camp card shift to help offset the cost of summercamp.  A scout is Thrifty

Website Features

Posted by adrone on Mar 10 2015 - 1:41pm

Event Attending/Not Attending: Click on the event on the right side under registration.    Click on register or regret.  Without this we are unsure if your scout has forgotten to register, or still deciding.  Please help everyone save time.  

Calendar Sync:  Upper Left hand corner under user.  Instructions to sync the scout calendar into your calendar program of your choice.

Rank Tracking:  click on profile, your sons name will show rank, click on the rank and it will show the status of merit badges, and current rank status

Website is accessible from most smartphones/tablets. 


Court of Honor-Signups April 13th

Posted by adrone on Mar 10 2015 - 1:30pm

We are asking everyone to participate in the meal for this special event.  Please select an entrée, appetizer, or dessert.   Please bring food for 10 people

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